The Mary Kay Opportunity

Whether you want to start a Mary Kay business to make some extra money
at the end of the month or you want to replace your current income - you
truly can have it all! With 100% training and support all the way, anyone
from any type of background can succeed if you simply follow the plan
of success and consistently work your business!

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Success Stories

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What Makes a Mary Kay
Career Different

Earn 50% on Everything You Sell

What is so great about Mary Kay is that it doesn't matter if you sell a lipstick or a skin care set. You still earn 50% profit.

Amazing Rewards & Incentives

World class travel, real diamond rings, purchasing products at a discount, career cars and more. Mary Kay has you set with the rewards and recognition that you deserve!

Comprehensive Training & Support

When you purchase your Starter Kit, you receive tons of training that makes it so easy to get started. You will also have help from your Director and Sister Consultants. Mary Kay InTouch is your portal for all online training, product information, plus you have access to Mary Kay's 1-800 number for questions and answers.

Top Direct Sales Company

Everyone knows Mary Kay and it is a TOP Direct Sales' Company that has been around for 50+ years, so you can rest assured that when you begin your own Mary Kay career, you are in good hands. Don't forget you will see us on TV, in the magazines, on social media and more!

You Can Build Your Business Anywhere

There are no location restrictions on where you can run your business. So that makes it easy to sell Mary Kay anywhere - whether you relocate in a few years or go on vacation. Your business goes with you!

Yes, You Will Make Money!

If you are teachable, you can learn to have a successful Mary Kay Career. All that it takes is connecting with friends, family, coworkers and other people that you know - and working your business plan! The products really do sell themselves.

How to Get Started!


Purchase Your Starter Kit!

The Starter Kit is more than a bag. It’s a beginning! For only $100 (plus shipping, handling and tax), you’ll receive
business-builders that can help you start earning money right away. The Mary Kay® Starter Kit Bag is packed with:    


Retail-sized products to demonstrate with friends at parties.
·         Samples to share with your potential customers.
·         Brochures and DVDs with easy-to-learn sales tips.

*Plus shipping, handling and tax